You will have heard a lot of people say that diet makes up a huge percentage of a healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise. This is very true as they say “you are what you eat”

What you eat determines what you produce; energy, health and physical changes are all affected by what you consume. Whether the target is to maintain, increase or reduce body mass, the most important fuel for the body is your diet.

I understand there are so many options of diet styles on the internet to choose from as there no one diet fits all and it can be difficult to know which is perfectly suited to you. I have had the first hand experience of playing about with dieting and understanding it better during my experience of competing as a men’s physique athletes for a few years. I can confirm the following are key to having success with dieting;

  • Food Preparation
  • Food Measurement
  • Eating Pattern
  • Consistency of calorie intake

I am able to create tailored diet plans with guaranteed results including; weight loss, muscle gain and maintaining body goals all year round. I am also able to educate and equip you with tools to manage your diet.

Please note: Information about your eating habit will be required from you.

It is more beneficial for all types of diet to be combined with some form of exercise regularly for quicker and best result.

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